The Center of the Common Heritage 

Vaitkuškio Dvaras

Pałac hrabiów Kossakowskich w Wojtkuszkach
Counts Kossakowskis' Vaitkuskis Palace
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A miracle of the heritage

Visiting Wojtkuszki / Vaitkuškis Palace you are opening the beautifull pages of the Polish-Lithuanian proud heritage. This is an ancient, priceless bible  of our community written with golden letters - the story full of great moments, excellent collaboration, mutual respect. 


Wojtkuszki / Vaitkuškis – the Counts Kossakowskis’ ancestral palace is a unique architectural-garden complex located in the vicinity of one of the oldest Lithuanian cities -  Ukmerge ( previously Wilkomierz) at the equal distance of  60 km from both Vilnius and Kaunas. The family’s oral tradition proved that the Kossakowski family descended from Valerius, a Roman soldier, who brought credit to himself by fighting with Gauls. 


Among the Kossakowskis one can find senators, chamberlains, court counsellors, diplomats, scholars, artists, hetmen, bishops and even an aide-de-camp to Napoleon I.

Studies, which are currently conducted in the National Library in Vilnius, identified over 5000 books signed by Wojtkuszki Library, what makes it the largest preserved manorial book collection in Lithuania.

In the years of its peak, the Kossakowski Gallery possessed several hundred paintings. A hundred of most valuable of them were inventoried in the official inventory in 1865 so today we can determine with no doubt that the Gallery contained paintings of Tycjan, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Permegianino, Carlo Dolci, Murillo, Canaletto and many others.

For ten years between 1894 and 1905 in Wojtkuszki functioned a photography atelier of Stanislaw Kazimierz Kossakowski. At the time circa 8 thousand photographs came into being.   The huge part of that collection (6148 photographs in albums and 810 photographs separately) is being stored in the Ciurlionis National Museum in Kaunas.

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